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Is your man into pegging? Gift him the strapless strap on!

In case you accidentally missed it, pegging is currently quite popular. People are losing their shit over it. And with good cause! Don’t you think it’s fantastic that this type of sexual exploration is finding its way into our boudoirs?

However, although pegging has somewhat gained popularity in the media, not everybody is. It’s startling, we know, but it seems like strapless strap on is already not getting out of the trend anytime soon so that everyone on Earth may try the new level of sex act in an old-fashioned way.

Although you may think it’s cool to rule, your man’s behind like a boss cause why not? But he might also think you’re “limiting his masculinity” or whatsoever.

We have designed a handy and helpful pegging manual since you must walk cautiously into the world of pegging. You’re lucky!

This is the guidebook you can swear by on pegging your lover, including everything from bringing up the idea in everyday conversation to pegging essentials (the sex toys needed to begin with) for newbies.


Let’s start with the year’s most popular question: What is pegging?

Let’s admit it, all of us have heard or read, even if it’s a little about the amazing world of anal pleasure, and many of us have explored that part of it. There are several methods to stimulate the butt and enjoy butt play, including butt plugs, beads, and a light probe with a bit of anal fingering, you name it, and it’s there, but what about pegging?

Although this already quite popular sexual behavior has existed since the break of dawn, it has only recently become a popular thing among today’s generation of people who want to try and explore new things during their sexual activities with a strapless strap on. Today, having sex is more about having enjoyment before and after the penetration than it is about penetration alone. There is a solid reason why thousands of people presently enjoy anal play through pegging.

Ensuring everybody is aware of the situation.

In relationships, strong communication is vital. You should be capable of discussing the benefits and drawbacks of it with your partner in a secure setting, whether you want to do it or your partner wants you to do it. It is also said that when two people want to try out anything that’s not usual in sex, let’s say BDSM, a lot of energy goes into just beginning the conversation. Pegging doesn’t necessarily include controlling your boyfriend’s ass! It is much more than that.  It involves experimenting with novels and exploring more things in the bedroom while there is intimacy.

You must ensure that you and your partner are on the same page if you wish to try pegging. The last thing you would want to do is makes things difficult for each other. Don’t rush out and purchase a strapless strap on from without having a conversation about it.


How to Begin Pegging?

The simplest way to begin is to converse with your partner about what pegging is and how they feel about it. They might require an explanation of the term “pegging” (not everyone is familiar with it) and decide whether or not they want to go for it and, of course, some super cool sex toys found here to spice things up.

Get to know their views after fully describing all the information you have on pegging. Tell them frankly why you want to try it; it might be out of intrigue, the aspect of submission and dominance that many people love while pegging, or just because the anus has a large number of pleasure-seeking nerve endings that we have no clue of unless it’s felt in the body that you want to expose them to.

The same is true if you’re a male and wish to understand how to get your wife or spouse like you. Like pegging, even BDSM is a prospect that they find both terrifying and intriguing simultaneously. Since some individuals still find it challenging to comprehend when women do the penetrating act of sex, you should approach the issue delicately, openly communicate with them, and show respect regardless of how they respond to your idea.

Pegging might not be something your spouse is interested in, or they might need some time to think about it, which is entirely okay. The main thing is to respect the result, no matter what.


Pegging necessities

The tools you use will be up to you and your partner to select, but the bare minimum is a strapless strap on and a water-based anal lubricant; everything depends on your creativity, not a necessity.

You have two options regarding strap-ons for pegging play: the typical jock-style strap on harness or the strapless dildo.

The jock-style straps allow for a larger, more controlled thrust thanks to their secure placement on the body. It also includes a little dildo designed to find and activate the P-spot. (How thoughtful is that!)

Also, on the other hand, a double strap-on would be a better alternative.

This innovative device will simultaneously stimulate her G-spot and his prostate thanks to the opposite ends that are both intended for inside usage. This one is a little huge, so you might want to store it until you’re more experienced with pegging.

Select an option that meets your demands and appeals to both of you. It’s a great idea to use a strap-on harness with an O-ring to switch out the strapless dildo and have a newer experience with it.

Choose a tiny strapless strap on or the dildo if you’re new to anal play. If you’ve had anal play previously and would want something a little larger, you may simply try a bigger strap.



When everyone is content and joyful, you may resume basking in the glory of comforting sex.

And hola, this is your first time, so that’s OK! Because of your practice and new knowledge, the following time will be even hotter. You made it through your first experience with a strapless dildo, and hopefully, you’re ready and enthusiastic for many more to come with newer toys. Good luck!



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