Everyone has used painkillers, at least once in their life. You might have used it after your long commute from work, or on Jan 2 every year when your resolution to hit the gym falls through after a day, or even worse, if it’s your time of the month. Kratom is similar to painkillers, only much more motivating!

Kratom is a safe, inexpensive and legal plant that can be used to treat anxiety, pains, depression and boost productivity. There’s no denying the fact that you can become addicted to kratom. It’s certainly is possible with heavy daily usage. Not to worry though, since this can be easily avoided by maintaining low tolerance, by rotating strains and other accessible options like washouts.

Finding the right kratom vendor can make all the difference in the world for your kratom experience, and hence it’s crucial to ensure that you are purchasing high quality products from reputable and trusted kratom vendors.

However, with so many kratom sellers and products on the market today, this can be a daunting task. We are here to relieve you from this strain (hah!) by listing the best places to buy Kratom online.  Before we start, lets take a look at the different criterions used to make sure you choose the best kratom vendor source for your kratom needs.

  • Quality – make sure the products are lab-tested
  • Price
  • Service – this includes provision of samples, bulk discounts, packaging (securely in sealed, zip lock bags that can be resealed to keep the product fresh)
  • Availability of various strains – Red, White, Yellow, Green
  • Availability of various forms – Powder, Capsules, Leaves
  • Shipping

Now that the metrics have been defined, let’s look at the top kratom vendors that made the cut:

  1. Legit Kratom

Before I go further into the details, let me address your first concern. Yes, it does stand up to its name. Infact, calling it just legit would be an understatement. The high-quality kratom brand is so sure of their service that they provide a 30 day money back guarantee.

The one feature that makes it stand out among all the other kratom suppliers is its impeccable customer service.  This kratom vendor offers first-time customers a free sample and $1 samples for customers that want to try out a new strain. Our recommendations from it’s long list of kratom strains would be the Bali and Red Vein Thai from M. Speciosa and Green Malay. One glitch I have with the website would be its name, since it’s hard to look up the brand due to its generic name.

  1. Happy Hippo Herbals

This kratom brand has consistently delivered results. Keeping aside it’s pink hippo logo and quirky names (Mellow Yellow Hippo cracks me up every single time), the quality is always top-notch. Unfortunately, so is their price.

However, if you pride yourself to be a kratom connoisseur, don’t let this hold you back. The weight of their products is quite in proportion to the quality, along with great customer service, packaging and shipping. You might be happy to know that they do conduct occasional sales. So make sure you visit their website regularly to stay updated.

  1. Krabot

Unlike many other kratom vendors who typically offer capsules of traditional kratom strains, Krabot offers unique kratom blends and their stem and vein capsules. Krabot’s competency would be its shipping and packaging.

They provide free shipping on orders above $75. All of Krabot’s kratom capsules contain 1000 milligrams of kratom powder. However it is worth noting, that this kratom brand’s kratom is very strong, so make sure you lower your dosage to find your sweet spot. The Bali Gold and Green Malay are worth giving a shot.

  1. Herbal Salvation

Herbal Salvation is one of the most dependable kratom brands out there. They are quite transparent with their work and truly put the customer first. Not only is their customer base wide, but also their catalog of herbal medicines and products. They post the mitragynine levels for each product.

They have almost everything on offer ranging from supplements, soaps, balms, lotions, teas, to tinctures and powders. This includes a good range of high quality kratom powder at a varying strain, along with digital scales, empty capsules, and capsule machines. Maha Kali and Gold Bali are considered their top kratom offerings.

  1. Botanical Bunny Kratom

For value and variety, this vendor is a true knockout. They were one of the early entries into the market and have been here for a long time. A common compliment shared by all of its users is its pricing, with discounts and giveaways on top of it.

Coming to the other metrics, it maintains a good balance of quality, variety, shipping and customer service. Their catalog includes exotic strains and also unusual products like essential oils, speciality soaps and raw herbs. The strains – Wild Green, Premium MD and Wild Green have some of the most raving recommendations on the internet.

  1. Bulk Kratom Now

The title of the BestKratomBuy goes to “Bulk Kratom Now” or BKN Kratom. What stands out, you ask? Its the timing. It’s the right product launched at the right time. During these times of pandemic, nothing is certain. There’s trouble exporting exotic kratom products, delays in shipping, non-availability of items and don’t even get me started on the price fluctuations.

This is where BKN’s unique value proposition comes into picture. Buy In Bulk. It has miraculously managed to call for quality and affordability by maintaining standardized pricing on large orders. It takes the best practices of all the kratom brands and incorporates them, aligning with its own ideals.

The customer service is quick and efficient, though I doubt you would need it. The various kratom strains offered are of top-notch quality and are neither too strong nor too mild. The kratom would be delivered at your home, depending on the shipping option you choose, and you are notified accordingly.

The Colorado-based kratom vendor is transparent about the process by which their M. speciosa powder is evaluated, and provides the stats to each batch of kratom. They have even managed to set a fixed price on full kilos for each and every strain in their growing catalog. Want more? Every time you pay by echeck, you automatically receive an additional 10% off your order at checkout. Making it to the top of our list in such a few months speaks volumes about this kratom dealer’s credibility.

Have fun kratom’ing!

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